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REVIEW | Oriflame The One Double Effect Mascara

I've spent years searching for the perfect mascara. That mascara that ticks all the boxes. Over the years I have tried so many that i have purchased and been gifted. I have always been someone who never took pride in myself, simply because I had no confidence. Well about 6 months ago I met a wonderful friend Missy who has become very dear to me. She is a blogger who loves skincare and makeup, and her passion for it inspired me. I slowly learnt the basics of beauty from her and a new found passion began. She showed me that there is beauty in all of us, whether we see it in ourselves or not. She showed me just how important looking after ourselves are, and how small things like pampering our skin or applying a little mascara can have us feeling much more confident ourselves. 

I have learnt slowly in the past few months that a good skincare routine works wonders for our inside and out. As my passion developed more i decided to start working for a company called oriflame from Sweden, selling cosmetics and accessories. I wanted to incorporate my new found hobby and earn some extra money from it. Little did I know I would absolutely fall in love with the products I would be selling. OK, i have not tried all of the products yet but so far what i have tried i have really enjoyed. I hope in time i will get to sample more and more products.

The first order i placed i decided to sample two mascaras....

The one hypnotic depth mascara

Wearing The One Hypnotic Depth Mascara
As you can see the left eye are my natural barely there lashes, and the right is the 'The one hypnotic depth mascara'. I didn't find this mascara worked on my lashes, there just wasn't enough impact or enough difference to my lashes. However i feel this lashes could work well on those already blessed with long lashes to help separate them.

This retails for £9 and is also available in black and deep blue

The One Double Effect Mascara  

The best way to describe this mascara is 'WOW'! Honestly this is my most favourite mascara yet! The One Double Effect Mascara comes comes in one shade 'super intense black' and has a very unique wand. One brush creates volume and the other creates drama and length. It combs through the lashes with ease, leaving behind no clumps or that spider lash effect. I like that this mascara leaves my lashes intensely coated yet super black. Running a coat of this through my lashes really helps give me confidence when leaving the house. My eyes immediately look wide awake, bye bye mummy panda eyes. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to find a mascara that compliments my eyelashes!

Results of The One Double Effect Mascara. I am hoping to improve my photo quality with more practise. I wanted to show you all the difference, my lashes look fuller and more intense, but best of all your lashes stay looking like this all day with no smudging or flaking, until you remove the product.

This retails for £9.00 and can be purchased through my link

Toni x

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The beginning of my journey to finding self worth.

All our lives we are searching for approval. A meaning for life, someone to look up to, or to feel loved by someone; But how can we expect others to look up to us if we don't look up to ourselves? If we're always seeking approval from others rather than finding our own self worth.
I've never been fond of myself, and always found things to hate. In some ways i still do, but I'm now working on this. I'm a proud mother to a beautiful little boy, who i tried hard to conceive for 9 years. As a mother, I would ask myself the usual questions. How on earth did I produce such an amazing clever little boy, when I'm so nervous and insecure myself? What did i do to deserve this blessing, and how am I ever going to make him proud of me? He is amazing, unbelievably cute and so laid back, yet i would find myself feeling stressed wondering why i was so ugly? I suffer from depression and anxiety, and over time I'm sure that it will show through my blogs. I am hoping that as time goes by i will to build up my self confidence and self worth. We all deserve to be happy, and to be truly happy we need to learn to love ourselves first. I will be using my blog to share parts of my life and my passion with everything beauty. Finding this new passion is how i came about working for Oriflame. Oriflame is a cosmetics company originated from Sweden and i'm constantly learning about beauty products.

Life on a day to day basis is always different, no two days are the same. When you live with depression and anxiety it becomes an everyday battle to get motivated and even to do everyday things. We have to fight harder to make us feel proud of ourselves. We are always seeking other peoples approval to make us happy, and even when we get it we are never happy with our achievements. I am very hard working and it shows in how i bring up my son and am as a housewife. I decided that i wanted something for myself and Oriflame filled that void. Little did I know I would start writing a blog, or find that writing and my job would become such a huge passion. So, here is to my new found freedom and a positive way to express who i am. I hope that everyone who decides to read this takes the time to sit and realise we are all beautiful, and if we put our minds to it can achieve anything.

Thank you for reading

Toni x